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Do you need a big-picture look at your manuscript, a critique, a copy edit, or a final proofread?


Maybe you're a beginning or a NaNoWriMo writer and don't know what your next step should be. Let's talk.

My services include

  • copy editing

  • stylistic or line editing

  • developmental or substantive editing

  • structural editing (non-fiction)

  • proofreading

  • coaching

  • fiction editing

  • manuscript critiques

  • workshops (on topics such as style, grammar, usage, and punctuation)

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When you hire an editor, you're investing in their professional judgment. You can trust my judgment. Why?

My professional practice is rooted in eleven years of editing experience. I was a Parliamentary editor for seven years before starting my own business in 2016.

I also taught English as a Second Language for ten years: primarily grammar and writing to international undergraduate students and to Francophone military personnel.

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My skills are sharp and current. Since launching my business, I have taken more than two dozen courses, workshops, and webinars on topics such as fiction editing, grammar, usage, proofreading, and punctuation.


As well, I've attended the San Miguel de Allende Writers' Conference & Literary Festival four times and have gained insights into editing fiction and creative non-fiction by taking part in workshops offered by well-known, published authors.

For my copy editing skills, I was nominated for a Rosemary Shipton Award for Excellence in Book Publishing in 2015.

And I have Government of Canada Secret (Level II) security clearance.

Finally, I belong to and volunteer for Editors Canada.

On a more personal note, I love reading (crime fiction, romance, and a bit of most other genres), knitting (simple things so it's fun), and gardening (hardy roses and perennials liked by bees and butterflies). I live in Fredericton, New Brunswick, and escape to Mexico for professional development and the warm sun in the winter.



Client comments

Hearing back from satisfied writers and publishing professionals is the best part of my job.


"Just finished reading your report. You have more than justified my belief that you were the right choice for an editor. This is precisely the critique I have needed. As I read it, I was thankful for your kind words but more thankful for your comments on the weaknesses of the book. You have broken a dam, in a sense. I am very excited again after being disheartened and perhaps disillusioned about my own abilities. I cannot thank you enough." – fiction writer

"Just do what you can with it and polish it and make it all lovely. In other words, give it the special Shelley treatment!" – magazine editor-in-chief

"I have had a chance to go through the first chapter or two of your editing and have found that your work is very impressive as always." - fiction writer

"Absolutely bloody brilliant as ever. Thank you, Shelley!" – magazine editor-in-chief

"The author really likes your reworking of the back cover copy. Good job! He was also really impressed with the author queries I forwarded to him, the language issues (French and Italian) and the baseball one in particular." – publisher

"Thanks, Shelley. The final book owes much to your rigorous proofreading."

– managing editor

"I can't overstate the value of your critique. I have learned a lot about creative writing. You have forced me to rethink and reshape many parts of my story. I hope you'll like the results, for which you deserve much credit." – fiction writer

"It's a pleasure to recommend your skill and ability." – creative director



I have copy edited and proofread

  • fiction

  • creative non-fiction

  • guides and manuals

  • application software (UX)

  • web pages

  • magazines

  • recipes

  • poetry


I have also performed stylistic (line) and developmental edits of fiction manuscripts and carried out manuscript analyses.

As the first chief sub-editor of The Maritime Edit magazine, I fact checked and copy edited the text and proofread the final layouts for volumes one through four. I also created the house style guide.

While a senior Parliamentary editor at the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick, I created debate transcripts, verified content, and followed styles and formats prescribed by the house style guide. I was also appointed the language/style resource person for the English editors.


Education and training

Master of Education in Administrative Leadership, Simon Fraser University

Bachelor of Arts in English, University of British Columbia

Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Linguistics and TESOL, University of Leicester

RSA/University of Cambridge Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults, International House, Hastings

In progress: Certificate in Publishing, Ryerson University



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Office dogs

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Regular breaks optimize my focus and productivity, and it's hard not to smile at those little faces.


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